“A proactive approach to leadership focuses on strengths rather than fixes weaknesses.” (Cameron, Dutton and Quinne 2003)

Fredrickson (2009) posits that fostering positive emotions generates an ability to create solutions, which allow us to come through difficulty stronger than before.  Similarly Avigdor and Greenberg (2009) suggest that for working mothers it is essential to replace stress with happiness. They found that in the effort to be Superwoman, many women lose sight of what makes them happy and they fail to realise how important their happiness is to being a good worker and a good mother. Furthermore, they suggest that the key to being your best at everything you do is to take care of your happiness the way you take care of your health, through conscious choices every day. I adopt these principles everyday; practicing mindfulness during yoga and exercise are my saviours. Fredrickson (2009) proposes that by broadening an individual’s momentary thought-action repertoire–whether through play, exploration or similar activities–positive emotions promote discovery of novel and creative actions, ideas and social bonds, which in turn build that individual’s personal resources; ranging from physical and intellectual resources, to social and psychological resources. Adopting positive psychology principles over the past year has turned my life around and allowed me to be successful in the three main areas of my life.

I’m a married mum to two gorgeous boys and work full time as a Head Teacher English at my local rural high school. Shawn Achor’s Happiness Advantage (2010) is my ideal world.  He theorises that “Focusing on the good isn’t just about overcoming our inner grump to see the glass half full. It’s about opening our minds to the ideas and opportunities that will help us be more productive, effective, and successful at work and in life.” This description fits neatly with my belief in the ‘ideal world’ and I will endeavor to pave this pathway as a young female leader in Education. By drawing on these concepts, I believe I can make a difference through positive education.


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